Aston Partners

Aston Partners continues to take on every challenge.

Aston Partners has supported the continuous growth of client companies by solving business problems.

we continue to further strengthen our support system and work towards realizing a sustainable society.

Business summary

Principal Investment

We contribute to the business succession issue in Japan by principal investment.
Advisory service business
Our advisors with multi-disciplinary expertise will assist clients in solving issues.

Client’s voice

A company that embodies data driven

 We had great weaknesses in areas such as data analysis and business use. ASTON has specialists with academic backgrounds who have played a very important role in expanding our business.                               (Auto parts sales business, male owner)

A team of experts with a balanced management mindset

Since the assignment is from a team of experts who have a sufficient track record in various fields such as business, finance, personnel, and legal affairs, it is possible to confront customer issues from a wide range of perspectives, and it is powerful and well-balanced. I think it is a team of experts with a strong management mindset.
(Hotel chain business, female director)

Recruitment information

For those looking for a new challenge. We are looking for people who can adapt to the changing times. Business is changing rapidly and requires new ideas and creative people. Please show your talent and grow together.


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